Hunting in the mountains demands completely different preparations than the same hunting in forests. In the mountains, the distances are large and the weather can occasionally be harsh with hard winds, rain and snow, even at the end of August. Since hunting most often takes place in areas with no marked trails or roads, it sets higher demands on your experience than normal mountain visits.

Small game hunting

The hunting that overwhelmingly draws the most visitors to the mountains is small game hunting. The hunt begins on 25 August every year and on a normal opening day, more than 3,000 hunters come to hunt willow grouse and ptarmigan for a few days. The hunt is normally under way until the end of February in the southern mountains and until 15 March in the north.

It is primarily the county administrative board that grant permission to hunt and more information on this is available on the NatureIT website with regard to small-game hunting on state lands in the mountains. Especially keep in mind that you are hunting in an area where reindeer husbandry is conducted and that your hunting may entail a considerable disturbance if you do not do it correctly.