Provide travel notice

Always providing some kind of travel notices is important and can be done in many ways. It is easiest to just tell somebody your know about your plans, what route you plan on taking and most important of all, when you expect to return, and that you will be in touch when you do. You can also register the travel notice digitally with the Mountain Safety app, Fjällsäkerhetsappen. 

With the Mountain Safety app, this information is made readily available to Mountain Rescue. Before a mountain outing, you register your information in the Mountain Safety app in the same way as a traditional travel notice. This information can then be sent electronically to family and friends. During your stay in the mountains, the information can be updated if the plan changes, your current position can be conveyed through check-ins, and in emergencies, the app provides a current GPS position that Mountain Rescue needs to help a rescue mission.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. More information is available on the Mountain Safety app website.

In the rest shelters along the marked trails, there are most often guest books that we recommend that you write in. These travel notices are not followed up as long as nothing has happened to you. But when Mountain Rescue is looking for people, information in the guest books is valuable guidance.