Alpine touring/ Randonee skiing

An increasing number of people choose to go alpine skitouring in the Swedish mountains. Another term of the same activity is Randonné. Randonee skiing most often means that you use equipment where you can free the heel and use so-called climbing skins to get a good grip on your way up.

Randonee skiing is a fantastic activity where the terrain is often grandiose with high and steep mountains and where you yourself choose your way both up and down. You hopefully find your way off piste with cold loose snow, but be prepared for all kinds of paths.

Of course, the mountains and slopes are never prepared when you go randonee skiing unless you choose to go close to a downhill skiing facility. This means that you must yourself have a grasp of the avalanche danger with all that it involves with regard to traversing the terrain in question. Monitoring the development of the avalanche danger is important. Current information on avalanche forecasts can be found on the website

Never go randonee skiing without being equipped with a so-called transceiver, avalanche probe and snow shovel. It is also important that you obtain training in how to use your equipment, that your tour companions have the right equipment and that you have all practised on it together.
Naturally, you can also choose to go with an authorised guide and then all the safety equipment you need is usually included. Good areas to begin with include Storulvån in Jämtland, Norra Storfjället in Hemavan (Southern Lapland) and Kebnekajse in northern Lapland.

Once you feel ready for larger mountains, there are endless possibilities in Sarek in northern Lapland, along the entire Norwegian west coast and of course in the Alps.

Good luck on your alpine touring!